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Pres / Publication

“Muramatsu Gallery, 1942-2009” 

Catalogue, 2009 (text in Japanese)

David Ebony “Review of Exhibition”

Art in America, June / July 2007


Karen Rosenberg “Willingly or Unwillingly , Calling New York Their Home” 

Art Review, The New York Times, Nov.9,2007


Teruo Fujieda “Continuum of Seeing / Creating, Post Modernism Art Catalogue’

text in Japanese, 2006

Kyoichi Nagase “Hatena Diary”

Blog, Paint / Note, July 10, 2006

“Zabriskie Fifty Years”

Anniversary Catalogue, 2004

Grace Glueck “Art in Review” The New York Times

 July 2, 2004


Kaoru Yanase “Around the World from New York Report” Monthly Art Magazine BT 

August edition, 2004 (text in Japanese)

Cynthia Nadelman “New York Reviews” Art News 

October 2002

Sanzo Tanaka “Review” Asahi Newspaper

evening edition, April 16, 1999

“au revoir paris” 22 years of Galerie Zabriskie,Catalogue 


Katsuhiko Yokoyama “Technique of Contemporary Art:Collage” 

Catalogue, 1995

Shinichi Segi Weekly Post 

(text in Japanese), 1994

“River Flow on frizzled washi paper”, Review, Monthly Art Magazine-Geijutsushincho

June edition, 1994

Hiromichi Abukawa “Review” Asahi Newspaper 

July 26, 1991

Yutaka Minami “Review” Ikebana Ryusei Magazine, #378 

October 1991

Haro Sanda “Review” Mainichi Newspaper 

evening edition, July 19, 1991

Katsuhiko Yokoyama “Review” Monthly Art Magazine-Bijutsutecho

May edition, 1989

Norio Sugawara “Review” Yomiuri Newspaper 

March 3, 1989

Hiromichi Abukawa “Review” Asahi Newspaper 

evening edition, March 3, 1989

Toshio Muramatsu “Review” Sankei Newspaper

March 9, 1989

Shinichiro Fujita “Dedication to “Painted Paper”

Catalogue (text in Japanese) February 1989

Yasuaki Akashi “Review” Shikoku Newspaper

February 11, 1989

Susan Freudenheim “Review” San Diego Tribune

July 27, 1988

Leah Ollman “Review” Los Angeles Time

July 27, 1988

Jonathan Saville “Review” Reader, San Diego Weekly

August 11, 1988

Robert Pincus “Review” The San Diego Union 

July 21, 1988

Michael Brenson “Art in Review” The New York Times

August 28, 1987

“Newsletter Fall / Winter 1985” Galerie Zabriskie Paris


Douglas Welch “Reviews Arts” Arts Magazine

September 1980

Grace Glueck “Art in Review” The New York Times 

July 4, 1980

Peter Frank “Review” “Art”, Village Voice 

Oct 2, 1978

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